Styling Your Hair With A Round Brush & A Dryer

You almost certainly haven’t encountered many hair stylists who don’t utilize a curling iron when they style hair. I am a hair stylist that doesn’t make use of a curling iron. I only use a round brush and also a hair dryer. In other words, I only blow-style hair, but I also use many hairstyle straighteners. The only exception is when I do an inverted utilize a flat iron for superb straight styling or curl on medium to long hair or use a half round brush for very short hair.

Normally the curling iron is the hair styling tool of choice. I favor the round brush above a curling iron, using a great handheld hair dryer plus different sizes of round brushes. I’ll say why in a minute.

Now I am not referring to the technique in which you place several round brushes through the hair and leave them there a couple of minutes before taking them out to style the hair. The technique I’m speaking about includes requiring inch-wide segments and blow styling them, that will provide yet an all-natural appearance to the hairdo excellent body.

I can now envision what you’re thinking, that styling hair that way can not be good and that the design will have nobody and it’ll never survive. Most people would believe that since they’ve never had their hair styled by a stylist who was good at shock styling hair. Because she believes that her style will last longer, I sometimes get asked by a brand new client to utilize the curling iron. I nevertheless explain to her that using the strike styling approach will be much better.

Contrary to what the majority of people believe, when utilizing the proper technique, of course, your hairstyle will continue more when blow styled. Not only will it last longer, it will also appear more natural. There’s no hairdo which cannot be created with a hair dryer that is handheld plus a round brush, be it soft curls or large curls, smooth or straight, for short or long hair, curly or straight hair, styles with volume or less volume.

The reason why I get better results with strike styling is this. That makes it possible to shape this area of the hair and provide it the proper facelift right from the roots.

Realizing that facelift makes a major difference to your hairdo will look and continue. It’s hopeless to do with the curling iron, because it’d burn your own scalp, to get this close to the scalp. Using a curling iron never looks as natural as when hair is styled with a round brush, which is one of the disadvantages of utilizing a curling iron.

I found the different effects of hair styling tools on my own personal hair, particularly since I style my hair myself. It’s a great means to discover what works best and over the years I’ve perfected the technique of setback styling. I really like hairstyles that look natural but last for several days and in my opinion the setback styling process is the greatest for achieving this result.