Horror Films By Black Artists That Everyone Should Watch

Horror movie

Paul Wegener adopted up the success of The Student of Prague by adapting a narrative impressed by the traditional Jewish legend of the golem, an anthropomorphic being magically created entirely from clay or mud. The movie, which remains to be partially lost, tells a narrative of an antiques vendor who finds a golem, a clay statue, dropped at life centuries before. The supplier resurrects the golem as a servant, however the golem falls in love with the antiques dealer’s wife. As she does not return his love, the golem commits a collection of murders.

He locations himself in front of a mirror after smearing blood over himself with the glass of an oil lamp. He then swallows a virulent poison to observe the consequences of pain. In 1897, the American photographer-turned director George Albert Smith created The X-Ray Fiend , a horror-comedy trick film that came out a mere two … Read More

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