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In World War II, a failed British Officer is selected by his uncle, a Brigadier with the War Office, to participate in a secret operation to “get well” looted artworks from the Nazis. During WWII, a penniless American painter, Philip Weber, decides to collaborate with the Nazi leaders and help them steal priceless French artwork to keep his room in the chic Ritz Hotel and indulge himself in Nazi-occupied Paris. A suave art thief romances a rich duchess, only to allow him to steal a priceless portray from her collection. Gendarme Ludovic Cruchot is re-assigned to the French Riviera seaside resort town of Saint-Tropez where petty criminals and his own daughter give him a tough time. A comedy centered on three museum security guards who devise a plan to steal again the artworks to which they have turn out to be attached after they are transferred to another … Read More

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