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best animation movie

But the pleasant pleasure of life like midnight dances, raindrops on the umbrella and mud mites drifting within the sun outdo it. The movie has a wise humor and balanced world view. It even presents a few of the most gorgeous moments, without sacrificing the old school appeal. Even the household portrayed right here is completely modern with blended households and both single parents.

It could have lost in this category, however went on to win Oscars for two of the 5 nominations and Two Golden Globe Award as nicely. It tells some of the touching love tales of all time in simply 5 minutes.

The movie is witty, sweet and empowering with a belting soundtrack. Presently, “Frozen” might have the crown of one of the best soundtrack of a Disney movie, however many years back, “The Jungle Book” reigned supreme. Even the movie has a definite 60s flavor, right … Read More

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