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A prototype of the Kinetoscope was demonstrated to a conference of the National Federation of Women’s Clubs visiting the Edison studio on 20 May 1891, with the quick demo film Dickson Greeting, resulting in a lot press coverage. The device was first publicly demonstrated at the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences on 9 May 1894.

A meeting with Muybridge for a possible collaboration, in February 1888, seems to have triggered the motion. Initially, experiments centered on an apparatus that would have 42,000 microscopic pinhole images on a celluloid sheet wrapped round a cylinder, just like phonograph cylinders, to be viewed via a magnifying lens on the finish of a conical tube. This concept was deserted by the tip of 1889 and a system based mostly on Anschütz’s rotating disc Electrotachyscope was investigated for a short time. After Edison had visited Étienne-Jules Marey, additional experiments focused on 3/4 inch strips, … Read More

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