Whiskey Business

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They could not have presumably thought this at any point of the filming of the film. It’s not that the movie is dangerous, it’s simply that it just about goes nowhere right from the start, despite the fact that it’s all about these three travelling and a having “raunchy” good time in Germany. Not that I’m asking to be emotionally invested in these characters, but a minimum of give me one reason to care.

I wish films would cease pretending that displaying us characters having fun partying, having intercourse, and so forth while enjoying pop music instantly makes a movie extra enjoyable than it is, as a result of that could be a fallacy. A few chuckles and a wasted proficient forged doesn’t make this a 1 star movie. I’m gonna be nice to it, although, and go away the rating as is. Might not have been worse than I … Read More

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